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10x10 Chess Variants

Crushing the Chess Theory

Chess is now a game where the chess theory has taken over and the creativity and imagination has become sub zero. Up to the first 30 chess moves it has become a game of memory. (read that somewhere, probably Wikipedia).

Noble tries to crush the opening chess theory were made by grand masters Capablanca and Bobby Fisher. These to grandmasters both introduced rather than invented a new chess variant. Main goal of them was to improve the gameplay and to target or reduce the chess theory. What do I mean with introducing instead of inventing.

Well what's the difference between classic chess and chess 960? Just a shuffled royal line. Not more than that. Did Bobby Fisher tested it over and over again. Probably not. Is that inventing? It is. But minimal. The same thing for Capablanca chess.

Chess 960 of Bobby Fisher has become a little bit popular. Capablanca chess Jose Raul Capablanca has never become popular.

Where's the fun? Where's the difference?

Playing chess with someone who knows too much about the openings theory of the game gets you really annoyed. You can’t do this and you can’t do that are phrases you really hear a lot. This happened too much for me. I had made it my goal in life to develop a chess variant that crushes the chess theory. I think I succeeded in crushing the chess theory. But instead of developing one it became four (for the 10x10 board). I’m really proud of these four.

After playing recreational chess for 25 years I and a friend went on experimenting with chess. One idea evolved in another. That friend of mine at one moment has a nightmare about a chess variant where everything was possible. That nightmare evolved in new ideas and more new ideas and this went on for about a year.

But I always kept 3 things in mind.

I needed the King to be the strongest and most feared piece on the board in the opening, middle and in the end of the game of chess. How to do this? I came up with the Khan element. The king is now by far the strongest piece in the chess game. I didn’t want to add fairy pieces or other new pieces that comes along with a lot of new chess variants. Just the 16 pieces everybody already has. I altered only the characteristics of the pawns and the gameplay of the king. I needed the gameplay to beat or match that of classic chess. Otherwise people won’t play my developed chess variant. In my opinion a 10x10 board was needed.

KhanChess was born.

Khan chess variants are games of chess were you win by directing your king of chess to the last line from your own perspective. I call this “The Khan promotion”. You win the game of chess when the king of chess arrives on the last line (from your own perspective) and is not in a checked position on the last line. All of the variants crush the chess theory. Even important is the fact that Khan games of chess have no fixed setup. This helps to get rid of the chess theories. All four khan chess variants are loading games of chess and have a Kings Landing. You load your chess pieces onto the chessboard. Enjoy the good gameplay.

Veni vidi vici Khan!

My two inspirations for crushing the chess theory were Julius Ceasar and Genghis Khan. From Julius Ceasar I took the quote “veni vidi vici” that means I came, I saw and I conquered and added Khan to it. So when you win a khan chess game it is “veni vidi vici Khan!” It also could have been veni vidi vici Imperator. But I liked Khan more than Imperator. Khan chess sounded better in my ears than Imperator chess.

The value of the King.

 The value of the king increases exponential when nearing the last line! Keep that in mind!

Khan chess variant “Yasak”.

Yasak means “forbidden” in Turkic languages. This variant is based on the law of Genghis Khan. Pieces are loaded alternately on the chess board and they freeze. All pieces can’t move or capture. This “freeze” situation stays till the KingsLanding. KingsLandingis up to and including the 6th line from your own perspective. Abbreviated KL6th. A simple calculation of the possibilities brought me to the number of >5000 different openings. I love Math but I’m not a mathematician so if someone wants to re-calculate I encourage it. Loading is done in the order you want to load your pieces. (Only the King has to be loaded last onto the chessboard).

Khan chess variant Serbest.

Serbest means allowed. You can load onto the entire board in the order you want to load your pieces. From the start pieces can now move and capture when they are on the board. In this version the King doesn’t have to be the last piece to be loaded onto the board. He can be loaded first. You decide when to load the King. This creates a fear factor. You never know when your opponent is going to load his Kings. KingsLanding is 7th line from your own perspective.

Khan chess variant Perdeli.

Perdeli means with a curtain (separation). In the middle of the board there is a separation. Just like in stratego. You load onto your own half. Only your opponent doesn’t see how you load or how fast. This is probably the only chess variant in the world where it can matter how fast your start position is ready because you can press the clock even when your opponent is not ready yet with placing behind the separation. (Rapid) After loading phase (except for the King of chess) the separation is removed and the Kings can Land. KingsLanding 5th.

Khan chess variant Perdesiz.

Perdesiz means without a curtain or separation. Loading is onto your own half. It is done alternately. KingsLanding 5th. Last piece to load is the King. This resembles how Big Board chess is played.

R.i.p. Chess Theory. Born when the computers took over. Killed when the Khan came.

© Mehmet Özdemir 2013

Fear The Khan – Veni Vidi Vici Khan!